Human Design Evolution Report 02-03-2020

This Week’s Human Design Evolution Report – Sun in the Gate 13, the Gate of Narrative

With the Sun in the Gate 13, the Gate of Narrative, expect this week to bear witness to the stories and secrets of others (or to feel compelled to share your own). This powerful Gate is like a truth-telling serum that causes people to share their Hearts with each other. Be mindful and gentle and listen carefully. The vulnerable gems we share with each other give us the power to reflect back the Truth.

Are we telling stories that are keeping us shackled to the past? Is there forgiveness, healing and release that needs to happen?

The beauty of the Gate 13 is that it reminds us that we get to tell the story of who we are each and every day. That means that each day -each moment – brings us the potential for a new personal narrative that allows us to expand our creative power and to tell the true story of Who We Are.

But you can’t tell a powerful story if you’re stuck in the past. The past is not truth. In fact, science shows us that our perception of the past is quite malleable and inaccurate. We more easily remember how we feel, not the details of what happened. This week start telling a story about how powerful, how creative, how strong, how resilient, how amazing you are.

You’re here right now, aren’t you? In spite of the past..

With the Earth in the Gate 7, the Gate of Collaboration, we enter a sacred obligation to each other to bear witness to each other’s stories this week. Take it upon yourself to see your Divine Siblings as the powerful creators that they are and lovingly reflect back to them where they are telling stories that don’t fit the full potential of Who They Are.

The energy this week also promises to stir up the theme of empowerment. We can either tell stories of feeling like victims who are powerless over our future, or we can reclaim our power by telling a personal narrative that defies what seems undeniable in our physical reality.

In other words, if you don’t like what’s going one, start imagining a new outcome.

We may not be able to change the current reality, but if we begin to tell a different story and join our empowered stories together with others, we begin to weave a template for a different reality. We program our brains and minds to see new ways of creating. We focus our awareness and see the elegant solutions needed. We use the sensual nature of our creative power and time to step out of the probable and manifest the improbable – miracles – that promise to shift the world we live in.

If you don’t like the life you’re living in, start telling yourself a better story.

It’s not the only step, but it’s the vital first step. We can’t create what we don’t imagine is possible.

Have a great week!


The story that I tell myself and the world that I am, sets the tone and the direction for my life. I am the artist and creator of my story. I have the power to rewrite my story every day. The true story I tell from my Heart allows me to serve my Right Place in the Cosmic Plan.