The Human Design Chart

Your Human Design Chart is made of two distinctly different aspects; your Soul Purpose and your Life Story (Path/Purpose). The purpose of life is growth and expansion.⁠ ⁠

Our Souls manifest on Earth to experience whatever they need to experience to add to the growth of the Universe.⁠

Your Life Purpose is the story of who you are in this incarnation. This story is encoded in your energy blueprint as well as in your genetic and epigenetic lineage.⁠

At the moment of your birth, your Soul Purpose is integrated with your Life Purpose to create the once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event that is you!⁠

Soul Purpose + Life Purpose = Quantum Purpose⁠

Over our lives, we often experience struggles between elements of our Soul Purpose and our Life Purpose. These inner struggles are often “pre-scripted” into the story of your life.⁠

Many people find that when they really understand their Human Design, they gain a deeper understanding of their own inner struggles. This awareness helps you achieve new levels of self-mastery or optimal self-expression so that you can fulfill your potential in a richer, more meaningful way.⁠

human design chart

You can think of it this way, your Soul incarnated to learn, grow and evolve, there is a Soul curriculum, which we see by the Gate activations on the right-hand side of the Chart.⁠

Your Soul incarnated into your body vehicle and you are the avatar, the character playing the starring role as You in this Movie called Life…. so the Life purpose or Lifepath is like the Script or Storyline of the movie, which we see by the Gate activations on the left-hand side of the Chart. ⁠

You will see the same themes typically overlap in Soul/Life purpose in the slower moving planets (the ones near the bottom of the column) as these are generational themes being played out. Bottom line, you’re going to experience both no matter what.

From my heart to yours,

Karen Curry Parker



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