Human Design and the Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction and Sun Transiting Gate 10 moving to Gate 58

I wanted to give you enough time to prepare for the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction and the celestial events of the Winter Solstice. I’ve included some contemplations and affirmations for you. (If you like them, you might also like my 2021 Quantum Human Design Evolution Guide, which gives you contemplations for major celestial events of the year. You can get your copy by clicking here)

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This week continues with Further Adventures in the Celestial Weather.

I want to talk about Saturn and Jupiter and what’s up for the rest of the holiday week.

Let’s start first with a short exploration of the Creative Quarters of the year. We are in the middle of the Quarter of Recalibration. Every Quarter begins with direction-giving energy, an opportunity to clarify our intentions. The middle of each Quarter holds the energy of Love, an opportunity to explore the degree and quality of the experience of Love in our lives.

Why is Love so important?

In Human Design we see that what we attract into our life is influenced by the Love we hold for ourselves and for each other. The “code” for Love lives in the G-Center, the home of the Magnetic Monopole (the electro-magnetic resonance field of the Heart) and the Center that gives us direction in life.

Voices of the G

The capacity to be sovereign over our life path is a fairly “new” concept in the Human Story. We are still learning how the power of Love and our alignment with Love influences the direction that our life takes us.

The “code” for Love is contained in the Gates of the G-Center. These Gates give us deep insights into how we can better calibrate ourselves to have greater influence over our life path and what we attract into our lives. (I talk about this in much deeper detail in my new book, The Quantum Human which should be available soon!)

This week on the Winter Solstice, we move into the “middle” of our current Creative Quarter, The Quarter of Recalibration. The theme of this Quarter, started on November 5 and completes on February 1, 2021, embodies the energy of “winter”. We are drawn inward, exploring our response to Life, aligning ourselves with our own convictions and contemplating what we want to be creating next.

Long ago I gave up the idea that there was any kind of getting things “right” in life. Life is not a formula. There is nothing you can do that will guarantee any kind of outcome in life. The parameters that create your life story are too complex and mysterious. The only thing you can control is your response to what Life brings you.

The Gates of the Quarter of Recalibration invite us to explore how we want to experience life. Are we going to be “victims” of our reality or are we going to continue to deepen our expression of Love for what is?

This might sound all fluffy and new-age-y, but here is the catch. You can’t change a situation you hate by hating on it more. Focus creates. Where you put your energy and attention creates growth and expansion. If we’re in the dark focusing on hating our lives, then our lives bring us more of what we hate.

Love we hold for ourBut, if we take this time to explore what we love, how we love and, most importantly in this Quarter, the quality of love that we have for ourselves, we attract more experiences that reflect that love back to us.

There is not getting it “right” or not. Our life is simply a mirror. You can scream at the reflection, stomp your foot and declare that it’s not fair, or you can explore the idea that the reflection is there for your good, is giving you a chance to explore what needs to be realigned and then get to work dancing with the reflection in a more intentional way.

(There is a broader conversation here that needs to be had about things like racism, violence, illness and collective consciousness which I will share with you all at a later time. But, I want to be very, very clear here that I am NOT saying that the line between “your thoughts” and “your reality” is simple and clear. It’s complex and messy and, as I said, often mysterious. This Quarter is NOT about manipulating the outcomes of life but learning how to be with what is so that you have greater, more sustainable influence over your experience of what you create. This ability to be present to what life is showing you helps you be in joy, not matter what is going on around you.)

The Sun starts this week in the Gate 10, the Gate of Self-Love moving to the Gate 58, The Gate of the Joy of Mastery on Friday. This brings us the mid-point calibration of the Quarter of Recalibration, inviting us to explore how much love do we have for ourselves. We are learning to see the love that we have for ourselves as an important source of our creative power. We are learning to take responsibility for our own creations and to not allow ourselves to be “victims” of our reality.

Gate 58 - Joy

Our self-love leads to greater experiences of joy and a deeper alignment with what brings us joy in our lives – a sweet energy for what is a holiday week for many.

The Earth grounds us this week in the Gate 15, the Gate of Compassion, moving to the Gate 52, the Gate of Perspective on Friday. Our self-love is not selfish, but rather allows us to be more compassionate with ourselves so that we can then be more compassionate towards others. We may not like what other people have done, but we liberate ourselves from victimhood, if we can view others through the lens of compassion.

With a bigger perspective, we can begin to see the “bigger picture” of “why” things are the way they are. We can better embrace the lessons and regain our power over our own point of view, showing us more clearly where we need to focus our own energy in order to calibrate our own creations in life.

Ok. Now let’s talk about Jupiter and Saturn. I teach about the relationship between Jupiter and Saturn a little differently than some astrologers. To me, there is an inextricable dance between these two celestial siblings.

Saturn is the great teacher of the sky. In traditional alchemy, we “seed” our dreams in the womb of the Great Mother. While she gestates our dream for us, Saturn stands guard and eliminates anything that may interrupt the growth of our dream. Saturn burns away the dross and releases us from anything that may be holding us back from creating what we want in our lives.

Sometimes Saturn gets a bad rap and we refer to them as “The Great Destroyer”, but I really think that the influence of Saturn, married with the perspective of time (20/20 hindsight) allows us to see that sometimes what we perceive as “loss” under the influence of Saturn, is actually what we needed to make room for more growth.

Jupiter is the planet of blessings. Whatever Jupiter shines their light on, brings expansion.

Saturn and Jupiter dance together in the celestial skies. When we do the work and learn the lessons that Saturn brings us, we position ourselves to better receive the blessings of Jupiter.

Saturn and Jupiter highlight the same energy (conjunction) about every 20 years. This year, on the Winter Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct and also appear very close together in the sky (even though they are still light years away from each other).This creates a bright “star” in the sky that some refer to as the “Christmas Star” configuration, even though it’s actually two planets and not a star.

When Jupiter and Saturn are conjunct, it means that when we learn the lessons that Saturn brings us, we receive “double” portions of blessings from Jupiter. Both Jupiter and Saturn are both newly in the sign of Aquarius in the Gate 60, the Gate of Conservation in Quantum Human Design.

Gate 60-Conservation

This is much lighter energy than when both planets were highlighting the themes of Capricorn – as they have been all year. Aquarius is an air sign, an element that feeds our fire and allows us to gain speed now that we’re no longer quagmired in the heaviness of the earth that is Capricorn. Many of you are sensing a lightening of the energy and a feeling of hope and the possibility of momentum.

The Gate 60 teaches us to not let the fear of loss overwhelm our resourcefulness. We are learning to find what is working and focus on it instead of looking at the loss and disruption. After a year of massive cycles of loss on many levels, it’s easy to be afraid to move forward. This planetary cycle reminds us that life has cycles and that the pain of the past doesn’t have to repeat itself.

We increase our ability to move forward if we don’t let the fear of re-experiencing the pain hold us back. We must find the silver linings, find the gifts in what we’ve experienced, find the places of gratitude and move forward. We can grieve over the loss or celebrate the fact that we were loved, even if it didn’t end the way we hoped.

This acceptance isn’t about quitting and going back to normal. This energy feeds the energy of innovation. We take the lessons and the blessings of what we’ve learned and we move forward with the intention to make innovative and resourceful changes that will ultimately change the world in which we live.

Nothing we’ve experienced is without purpose. Our loss has not been meaningless, but promises to be a gateway to creating meaningful and purposeful change.

I encourage you to explore what you are perceiving as a loss this year. What are you grieving? What are the blessings you’ve gained from the pain? How do you want to build upon what you’ve learned? These are vital questions that move us forward into doing the “work” of the world in 2021. We are preparing to do what’s necessary to never experience what we’ve experienced again. This energy brings with it the potential for real and lasting change, change the promises to truly evolve the world and bring about justice, equitability, sustainability and peace for all.

The solstice brings us a crossroads of sorts. We stand on the precipice between darkness and light. We have a choice. We can stay quagmired in the victimhood and the pain of the past or we can cast our pain to the fire and emerge, like the phoenix, with a deeper resolve to do the work necessary to build a world that is a better reflection of the Truth of Who We Are and the True Heart of Humanity.

Have a great week!

From my Heart to Yours,



Do you love yourself?
What can you do to deepen your self-love?

Where can you find evidence of your lovability in your life right now?

What do you need to do to take responsibility for situations you hate in your life right now? What needs to change?

Where are you holding blame or victimhood in your life? How could you turn that energy around?


I am an individuated aspect of the Divine. I am born of Love. My nature is to Love and be Loved. I am in the full flow of giving and receiving Love. I know that the quality of Love that I have for myself, sets the direction for what I attract into my life. I am constantly increasing the quality of love I experience and share with the world.