Human Design and Biomimicry – QA Show

Human Design and Biomimicry with guest host James Wilson

The Quantum Alignment Show is a weekly hour long LIVE show that airs on Facebook and Zoom.

This show was created by Karen Curry Parker with the intention of helping you live your life Authentically Aligned with the Truth of Who You Are by helping understand yourself better through various topics, energy modalities, healing tools and the lens of Quantum Human Design!

Watch the replay of this week’s on the Quantum Alignment Show! Featuring Guest Host, Certified Human Design Specialist, James Wilson.

In this Quantum Alignment Show, Guest Host, James Wilson speaks about Human Design and Biomimicry while discussing breakthrough experiences people are having after learning how to follow their own life path. Self-reliance and self-sufficiency is quickly becoming a modern day necessity to navigate your big life decisions effectively. Learn how biomimicry and the science of mimicking biological systems in nature can reconnect you with your own truth and inner wisdom. Today’s world is increasingly full of misinformation. Many people turn to Human Design to find answers within themselves. Biomimicry helps you better understand the mechanics of the Human Design chart and gain a deeper understanding of who you are.

James will guide you through how Biomimicry relates to Human Design, how it can improve your interpersonal relationships, and what Biomimicry can show us about transcending traditional hierarchies into what he calls “traversable echelons and domains of competency.”

As a BONUS James will be offering a special discount on his services and will provide information about his upcoming Masterclass on Parenting by Design with fellow Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, Alexandra Danieli.

Join James for a Quantum Alignment Show that is intended to reignite your connection to nature and inspire your next breakthrough.

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