How to Turn My I Have To’s into My I Get To’s

Quantum Human Design: When life feels overwhelming try asking, “How can I turn my “have to” into an “I get to”?”

I keep coming back to a contemplation I heard once that transformed the way I think about my life – especially when it’s hectic and a wee bit out of control:

How can I turn my “have to” into an “I get to”?

My husband is having cancer surgery this Friday.  He’s having some pretty serious health challenges and it’s making me have to put things into perspective.

I am grateful.

Or at least I am working hard to stay in a place of gratitude.

This is a pretty hard attitude to maintain some days.  It’s been a long couple of years trying to stay resilient during a pandemic, homeschooling, and supporting a 12-year-old with some serious anxiety, almost losing my oldest daughter due to complications of Covid-19 and pregnancy, running my business from home, trying to stay connected with my children, my grandchildren, and family all over the country, worrying about my son in the Army, trying to take care of my aging parents who live all the way at the other side of the country…and more.

Much more, if I actually make a list.

I know many of you have gone through the same kinds of challenges.

Your Quantum Human Design™ teaches you how to redefine your story and write a personal narrative that is easy to be grateful for.  You can learn more about Quantum Human Design™ by visiting HERE.

I’m Karen Curry Parker and I’m deeply grateful for you.  Thank you for joining me for Cosmic Revolution.

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