How To Get Better at Dealing With Change & Uncertainty-QAS Show

How To Get Better at Dealing With Change & Uncertainty: Navigating Through Life Transitions

In this Quantum Alignment Show, Guest Host Amber Clements discusses how to get better at dealing with change and uncertainty and navigate yourself through life transitions.

Our lives are forever changing and in flux. This seems truer now than ever for everyone everywhere. Sometimes we leap happily towards change. Other times, change is thrust upon us. While change is constant and a necessary part of our evolution, change is often daunting. With change comes a lot of uncertainty and moving towards something new can be a challenging process.

Whether you’re moving in with a new partner or getting divorced; starting a new job or losing a job; making a new habit or breaking an old one; moving into a new house or foreclosing on your home; or any number of other personal changes, making a transition can feel overwhelming.

Our ability to cope with change and manage transitions is shaped by many factors, including the way we are designed; our human design blueprint. Some changes are easier to make than others, but all changes require us to make some sort of shift internally as well as externally.
During the show, Amber will help you understand why change often feels distressing and overwhelming and how uncertainty can cause us to behave in ways that make this process even more challenging. She’ll also provide some practical tips to help you personally navigate change.

By understanding how to work with your individual challenges and harness your strengths, you can then make your own transition journey as smooth as possible. As a qualified Change Manager, Amber spent the past decade helping individuals within organizations successfully accept and transition through change and transformation. She helps people find a way to be gentle with themselves, pay respect to what is being left behind, and move confidently towards the future.

Amber is a 1/3 Calibrator (Reflector) and a Level 3 Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist. She is the Author of the newly released book The Human Design Reflector: Barometer of the World.

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