How to Connect with Your Uniqueness and Live It – QA Show

The Quantum Alignment Show is a weekly hour long LIVE show that airs on Facebook and Zoom.

This show was created by Karen Curry Parker with the intention of helping you live your life Authentically Aligned with the Truth of Who You Are by helping understand yourself better through various topics, energy modalities, healing tools and the lens of Quantum Human Design!

Watch the replay of this week’s on the Quantum Alignment Show! Featuring Guest Host, Certified Human Design Specialist, Beatrice Marcu.

How to Connect with Your Uniqueness and Live it!

In this Quantum Alignment Show, Guest Host, Beatrice Marcu will present an exploration of the journey to unveil our uniqueness.

Beatrice will be playing with “what, why and how” questions. She will be bringing in observation and curiosity to open up the conversation about how we can move deeper in the process of understanding our uniqueness. From the mind level to the body level (feelings and emotions) noticing and following the energy flows in our awareness centres.

From the theoretical knowledge that can be regurgitated easily by everyone to the practical application of the knowledge and our own personal experimentation that takes time and patience. From the point when we declare that we are unique, to the point when we feel, act and get connected with our uniqueness, and then even further to the point where we start living our uniqueness each and every day!

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