How to Change The Future with Human Design

There are three ways of “knowing” in Human Design: Logic, Sensing, and “Knowingness”.⁠

Logic is the way of knowing that most of us are deeply conditioned by. It helps us predict the future based on our ability to see patterns and their potential outcomes. The logic circuit runs through the Spleen Center and gives us the potential for anxiety and fear.⁠

The potential for change, mutation, and transformation comes from the other two circuits, the Knowing Circuit and the Sensing Circuit.⁠

We are designed to experience “knowingness” – the ability to know what we know – not HOW we know. To simply have an answer and to know it’s true. This is called the Gnostic Circuit in Quantum Human Design™.⁠

It is divinely connected to a bigger broader perspective that informs us of what is coming without the patterns of logic. Through our Knowingness, we simply know what we know and we will know what we need to know when we need to know it.⁠

The Sensing Circuit, which is purely emotional in nature, runs through the Emotional Solar Plexus and embodies creative potential. This circuit, which is calibrated by emotional energy, gives us the sensual time zone of consciousness that allows us, through the power of our imagination and faith, to create a different experience of reality – one that defies probability and allows us to manifest the improbably – in other words, miracles.⁠

All three circuits are equally represented in the mind. One is not more powerful or probable than the other, meaning we can either predict through Logic, know what’s next through Knowing or create what we want through Sensing.⁠

If we don’t like the predicted future, we absolutely have the power to change it. But to do so, we have to untangle ourselves from the planetary conditioning field which keeps us rooted in the limitations of creating purely from “logic”.⁠

If we’re going to untangle ourselves from the limitations of logic and fully step into our full creative potential, we have to start with telling a new personal story about who we are, what we’re capable of, and what we really want to be creating on this planet.⁠

From my heart to yours,

Karen Curry Parker

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