How to become an Influence by Type – QAS Show

Welcome! How to become an Influence by Type – QAS Show with Karen Curry Parker

Humility is knowing oneself as an integral part of a greater whole – a shimmering thread within the Cosmic Tapestry.

Humility means that you fully comprehend and live in the bonds of connectedness.

But who are you connected to? And what is your role in the context of the whole?

You are each an individual holographic aspect of the Divine.The cathedral of your LIFE is not a building you go to; it is right inside of you, constructed by every thought you have, every choice you make and every moment of the story of your life.

You build this sacred, holy place by letting go of your need to control, manipulate and judge.You occupy the cathedral of your Heart by fully being the full expression of your Authentic Self.

Want to learn how?

You’re going to learn how to:
~~Naturally Increase your influence and your power
~~How your Human Design influences the ways you can influence others
~~How you can stabilize your own aura and energy and keep your influence from being stolen by other people
~~What you need to do to fully activate your power and the magnetic resonance field of your Heart so you attract the right opportunities into your life

Resources mentioned during webinar:

To download the slide handout – http://bit.ly/2zIOqln
Book recommendation: Art & Physics by Leonard Shlain
To create your own Human Design Chart : https://freehumandesignchart.com


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