Healing Power of Creativity and How to Heal Your Burnout pt 3 Quantum Alignment Show

This week’s Quantum Alignment Show: The Healing Power of Creativity and How to Heal Your Creative Burnout (Part 3 of Bounce Back from Burnout) with Karen Curry Parker

When we burnout, we lose our connection to our creativity, shutting down our ability to get ourselves out of situations that continue to burn us out.

It’s a vicious cycle. We stop being creative and we burnout. When we are burned out, we stop being creative and so on…

In the final installment of my Bounce Back from Burnout series, you’ll discover the path to healing your creativity and your burnout.

Bring your chart (and some colorful markers and glitter!) and we’ll explore ways to re-activate your TRUE creative powers!

Resources mentioned during class:

Slides for Show today: https://goo.gl/mgQ6kY
For custom blended flower essences, check out Jamie McComas’ specialist’s page – https://www.quantumalignmentsystem.com/human-design/find-a-human-design-specialist/Jamie-McComas/

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