Victoria Bagnell

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  • Foundation Reading

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Alchemist (Generator)

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Detailed written Human Design report

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  • Human Design Specialist - Level 4


Ever since I was first introduced to Human Design years ago, I have been fascinated with the power and accuracy of the information that is revealed by the Human Design System. I am committed to helping people understand their Human Design and teaching them how to use the information in a way that produces the most joyous, harmonious and fulfilling life possible.

Education / Certification

Certified Human Design Specialist Levels 1-4
Life Cycles Analysis
Intuition by Design
Money by Design
EFT along with other healing modality training and certifications
Degree in Computer Network Engineering and Web Programming

Personal Story

When I went through a period of major health issues several years ago, one of my practitioners introduced me to Human Design. She analyzed my chart and provided me with some extremely valuable information that largely contributed to the restoration of my health. As I researched what Human Design had to offer, I discovered that it addresses almost every aspect of life. I learned that each aspect can be presented in a high vibration or in a low vibration. This new knowledge empowered me and helped me to step into my power. It also taught me things about myself that I wasn’t even aware of. Human Design has showed me that I am an empath and that I am also very intuitive. It showed me that what I often “know” is not a coincidence.

My Goal as Your Guide

My goal is to help you discover your power, understand your true self and help you understand how you receive intuitively. I would love to help you learn more about yourself, who you were designed to be and how you can step into your power. Personal growth is the key to happiness, health and wealth.

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Casselberry, FL


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  • English

Personal Note

I offer detailed written Human Design Reports that include your chart, along with an in-depth discussion about your Authority, Type, Profile, Strategy, Channels, Gates, Definition, Centers, Incarnation Cross and Planets. The reports vary in length depending on the details of your chart, but they will be a minimum of 15 pages.

If you would like to instantly download your personalized free Human Design Chart (with Chiron), please visit my chart generator at the link below: