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Subramanyam Kalavala

Quantum Human Design Profile


    Services Offered

  • Foundation Reading
  • Generator Coaching and Sacral Session

Quantum Human Design Type

Initiator (Manifestor)

Other Services Offered

Healing with the Angels, Dragons, and Unicorns

    Certification Level

  • Quantum Human Design Specialist - Level 3


I have been studying Traditional Human Design since 2012, I am a Certified Professional Human Design Analyst since 2016, recently I am certified as a Quantum Human Design™ Specialist Level 3 in 2021.

Education / Certification

Qualified teacher of Angels, Dragons, and Unicorns with the Diana Cooper School of White Light, Bachelor of Engineering Computing from UWS Australia and Bachelor of Teaching-Secondary from UTS Australia

Personal Story

I have been exploring the Human Design System since 2012, which helped me gain a better understanding of my authentic self and my life purpose. It helped me to understand how to decondition myself from my open centers. I did many traditional Human Design System courses, and I am a professional Human Design Analyst and also Quantum Human Design Specialist Level 3.

My Goal as Your Guide

My goal is to help the clients to become aware of their authentic self, and how to make the right decisions according to their Human Design chart. I will teach you how to function according to your type, strategy, and authority, profile. I will go through the defined and open centers, definition, and the defined channels and deconditioning process so that it can help you to work towards a happy, healthy and abundant life.

Contact Information




Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

    Languages Spoken

  • English

Personal Note

You can contact me through email:
or DM on

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