Sara Miller

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    Services Offered

  • Foundation Reading
  • Generator Coaching and Sacral Session

Quantum Human Design Type

Orchestrator (Projector)

Other Services Offered

• Yoga Nidra
• Personal Meditation Guide

    Certification Level

  • Quantum Human Design Specialist - Level 3


Hi I'm Sara, the Creator of Soul Stories - A Human Design resource and community, offering readings, packages, workshops and a blog to deepen and support your journey into Human Design.

It is a space where together, we will explore the story of who you are and begin to create the narrative of who you are yet to be.

Through the knowledge of Human Design, we are able to connect with your truest nature, delve into your conditioned areas, speak to the challenges that you face and uncover your higher purpose.

It is my belief that to grow individually, is to grow as a whole. In each pursuing and embodying our own truth, we are supporting the growth and vitality of the wider community.

Welcome and thanks for being here.

Education / Certification

• Certified Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher 100HR
• Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher 200HR
• Holistic Wellness Coach
• BA (Hons) University of Nottingham Art & Design

Personal Story

I'm an English born wellness enthusiast - Projector, Teacher, Guide, Empath, Storyteller, and Investigator.

I spent over a decade working in a corporate Fashion role, exploring the big city lights of London, which I left in order to pursue a life of natural health and personal development, freely moving around the World, usually based between Australia, Bali and the UK.

Years of exploration with Yoga, Nutrition, Meditation and wellness Coaching led me to Human Design, which for me was the most golden invitation and continues daily to expand my awareness and satisfy my curious Soul.

My Goal as Your Guide

I am here to support you on your journey in connecting to your innate nature, finding peace and beauty in self-acceptance, improving your relationships and creating the life that you desire.

Together, we will help you to restore trust, introduce greater self-awareness, renew your energy, create with consciousness and feel self-empowered to move forward with inspired change.

Contact Information

Company Name

Soul Stories HD


(+44) 7932594856


London, UK


GMT+1 - London, UK

    Languages Spoken

  • English

Personal Note

I conduct sessions via Zoom online video, with clients all over the World.

Please enjoy exploring the website and reach out if there's anything further you'd like to know.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you along your Human Design journey :)