Sandra Lee

Quantum Human Design Profile


    Services Offered

  • Career Transition
  • Family Analysis
  • Foundation Reading
  • Generator Coaching and Sacral Session
  • Life Cycle Readings (Life Cycle Analysis-Professional Training)
  • Life Purpose Reading
  • Relationship Reading
  • Retirement Reading
  • Soul Alignment Reading
  • Topic Focused Strategy Session
  • Master Alignment Coaching
  • Quantum Alignment Initial Assessment

Quantum Human Design Type

Initiator (Manifestor)

Other Services Offered

• Career Transition
• Family Analysis
• Life Cycle Readings
• Relationship Reading
• Retirement Reading
• Topic Focused Strategy Session
• Biofield Tuning & Human Design done together

    Certification Level

  • Human Design Specialist - Level 4
  • Quantum Alignment Practitioner - Level 2


I do Biofield Tuning and Human Design together, helping to free you from the limitations of traumas and challenging HD chart dynamics. I make Human Design easy to understand, so you can take practical life actions.

Education / Certification

• Biofield Tuning Practitioner
• Family Coach Training
• B.S. Chemistry
• Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner
• Licensed Massage Therapist

Personal Story

I became a Human Design convert when Karen made sense of my life in a one-hour teleseminar. HD helps me feel peaceful about aspects of myself that I have judged. Now I am excited to offer Biofield Tuning and Human Design together.

My Goal as Your Guide

With Human Design, I help you appreciate the truth of who you are, and make sense of your daily experiences. With HD, I love helping you see how your purpose is expressing in your daily life. Then with Biofield Tuning, I help you understand how you life this purpose energetically. I make your Design understandable and practically applicable. To help you resolve challenging HD chart dynamics, I use Biofield Tuning, tuning forks and sound to clear blocks and traumas from your energy field. The combination is amazing and impactful.

Contact Information

Company Name

Miracle Inspirations Inc.


(250) 498-9753


Penticton, British Columbia, Canada


Pacific Time

    Languages Spoken

  • English

Personal Note

I love watching the lights come on for people, as they see how their Human Design chart matches their lives. Come have fun with me! Send me an email.

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