Maggie Ostara

Quantum Human Design Profile


    Services Offered

  • Business Coaching
  • Business Reading
  • Business Team Assessment
  • Career Transition
  • Foundation Reading
  • Generator Coaching and Sacral Session
  • Life Purpose Reading
  • Relationship Reading
  • Soul Alignment Reading
  • Topic Focused Strategy Session

Quantum Human Design Type

Alchemist (Generator)

Other Services Offered

• Feminine Sovereign Mentorship and Training
• Personal Growth and Spiritual Healing using potent somatic practices such as breathwork
• Leadership Training for New World Leaders

    Certification Level

  • Human Design Specialist - Level 4


Discovering my Human Design has changed the way I live my life, make decisions and relate to other people. Now I love sharing it with other people so that they can move through the world with greater ease, pleasure and fulfillment, creating the sustainable and satisfying life they desire and deserve.

Education / Certification

I have 26 years of formal education including a PhD, 5 Years Business Coaching with Suzanne Evans, Certified Clarity Breathwork Practitioner and Trainer, Qualified Awakening Your Light Body teacher, decades of personal and spiritual growth work and service

Personal Story

When I discovered Human Design I was burned out and unhappy despite multiple successes in several businesses. At first I resisted learning that as a Generator I am designed to respond, not initiate. I had been initiating my entire life! But now that I have been living my design for a couple of years, everything has changed: I'm happier, better rested, more satisfied, and creating all that I want with greater ease and in right timing. What a joy and relief!

My Goal as Your Guide

When I work with clients and students, my goal is to help you connect with your own inner authority and strategy so that you can make decisions that are correct for you, at the right time. I help you uncover the ways in which you've been programmed by culture, your family of origin, and your epigenetics to believe, act, and live in out-dated ways that do not suit you (and typically are against your Human Design). I help you reframe and create new perspectives on your past experiences that embrace the learning and wisdom you've created, while letting go of past hurts and traumas, and forgiving yourself and others as needed.

I draw on decades of experience with many somatic approaches to assist you in bringing to the surface and releasing stuck emotions, stagnant energy, and out-dates thought forms and beliefs from the cells of your body. Awareness is the first step, but it's insufficient to create true freedom. The body holds energetic and emotional imprints that need to be cleared somatically in order to truly let go.

For solopreneurs and people in career transition, or just those wanting to know and appreciate themselves even more, I offer training and coaching on discovering your Soul Signature. If your Human Design is the map of your energy field and your soul's evolutionary path, your Soul Signature reveals how you've developed yourself during this life, how you've built some of your gifts and talents into valuable skills and how your life experience has helped your grow and evolve. In effect discovering your Soul Signature can help you understand how you've been living in relation to your Human Design. This material is particularly valuable for those needing to understand their true value and the contribution they came here to make.

For self-employed people, practitioners, teachers and small business owners I offer coaching and mentorship on how to position yourself for greater visibility and recognition, based in your Human Design and your Soul Signature, so you can create greater income and impact. I also can help you with creating a business model that will enable to have more time freedom even as you increase you income, and give you assistance in developing your marketing message that you can use everywhere (website, social media, business cards, etc.).

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Ostara Experience


(510) 654-7386


Sebastopol, CA


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    Languages Spoken

  • English

Personal Note

I love supporting you in creating greater personal freedom, prosperity, joy and satisfaction in sustainable and valuable ways. I work online and support you wherever you are in the world! Please email me at admin at ostaraexperience dot com for more information or to schedule a reading or time with me.