Kristin Anne

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    Services Offered

  • Foundation Reading
  • Generator Coaching and Sacral Session (HD Level 1)

Human Design Type

Manifesting Generator

Other Services Offered

Customized Human Design Reports, Reiki Therapy, Oracle Card Readings

    Certification Level

  • Human Design Specialist - Level 3


On my journey of Self-realization Human Design found me. It confirmed and gave language to all the things I already knew and sensed about myself. It felt like the missing piece to the “being human puzzle." Seeing and understanding my True Self in this new way fueled my passion for others to see, and come into alignment with, their True Self in order to fulfill their highest potential and life purpose.


Human Design Specialist, Oracle Card Academy, Reiki & Animal Reiki Therapy, Yoga Teacher Training, AS in Business Office Management

Personal Story

Experiencing a lifetime of pain and trauma brought me to the realization that nothing we go through in life is wasted and there is so much purpose in our pain. Every heartbreak, every struggle, and setback was one step closer to my awakening.

The endless ability to keep my heart open and keep on loving no matter what, brought me face to face with my purpose and culminated an awareness that we are not the things we've done or the things that have been done to us.

My awakening had begun in the midst of what appeared to be the ending of everything I had ever known, but it turned out it was the beginning of everything I always wanted, but never believed I could have. In the trenches of what looked to be me losing it all, was the gift of finding and falling in love with my True Self for the first time, and I finally felt whole.

Every single step, every experience, led me to where I am today, and to who I am today; lovingly guiding my Soul in heart-centered consciousness to its highest evolution and expression in this lifetime, for the well-being of all, and I wouldn’t trade any of it for anything.

My Goal As Your Practitioner

My healing journey woke me up to remember and recognize my invaluable worth. I am beautifully, uniquely, perfectly, Divinely Designed to be exactly who I am and so are YOU! I am here to live out my purpose, my unique one of a kind Design, by loving, guiding and supporting other Souls to do the same.

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Parker, CO


Mountain Time

    Languages Spoken

  • English

Personal Note

You are so beautifully and uniquely Designed! My desire is that every human would wake in the morning aware of the brilliance, magnificence and Light in themselves and everyone else that exists.

You’re a once in a lifetime event and you should know how much you matter in this world and in the Cosmic plan! Welcome to your first step of understanding this truth (if you didn’t know it already). It’s a privilege and blessing to be a part of your journey. Know that you have me in your corner, supporting and encouraging you every step of the way!

All the Love & Light, xo
Kristin Anne