Bindiya Aravandekar

Quantum Human Design Profile


    Services Offered

  • Foundation Reading
  • Generator Coaching and Sacral Session

Quantum Human Design Type

Alchemist (Generator)

Other Services Offered

Consulting and coaching support to match your diet to your purpose + mission, Akashic Records session to find and shift personal narratives to support your business flow,
Exploring places of your business HD chart to help grow your business in a sustainable way, Creating and selling your first digital e-course by using the guidance of your HD chart.

    Certification Level

  • Quantum Human Design Specialist - Level 1


Namaste from Goa, India! Coach, guide, creative, explorer, nerd, spiritual seeker - I have played different roles at different times in my life. I love to bring all of these roles into my HD sessions. I am passionate about supporting women to honour their life force energy so that they can make peace with what is and take the next step forward to create what they desire to create. I use a blend of east-west techniques but most of my work always begins with an awareness of the chakras.

Education / Certification

7 years of deep dive into meditations + spiritual knowledge of Hinduism and mantras + mudra study, Certified Tarot Cards Reader by Indian Vedic Astrology. Served in the FTN (Free Tarot Network) of the American Tarot Association for around 15 months, Certified to utilize the heart of the Akashic Records to heal personal/ancestral patterns and past lives + to tap into self-acceptance and to use inner wounds as a platform to increase personal vibration, Done an experiential course in chakras to bring awareness to blocked/stuck chakra energies and release them appropriately with the support of white light, Done a heartfelt deep dive into the shadow emotions through the lens of the Hindu chakra system using EFT as the tool, Certified in a coaching program that takes you step by step to realize your goals using the power of your feelings + inner codes, Gene Key Activation Sequence program currently in progress, Currently enrolled in the year long ‘Quantum Human Design Coaching Mastermind’ with Karen Curry Parker and her team.

Personal Story

My culture and tradition have a rich, deep history of ancient knowledge that guides a person to connect with their life force energy and supports them to express the highest potential of this energy in the right timing with the right people for the right work.

However, that is neither how my life began nor how my outer environment was. For many years I lived disconnected to my life force. I relied upon others to make decisions for me, believed with all of my heart that I have come here to make others happy at the expense of my happiness, tolerated extreme narcissistic behaviour with a smile and allowed people to violate my energetic boundaries thus making me prone to sickness and disease.

Circa 2007 I had a wakeup call through a health condition that doctors couldn’t diagnose. Professionally everything was set for me for the next 3-5 years. I had expansive plans – to buy my first studio apartment, to be a part of the international team in my company, to have a social life that was cool and fun and to find a nice guy to settle down with. I was angry and disappointed with my body as it was sabotaging my plans.

So I signed up for a wellbeing retreat in the hope that my body would find some stability and get out of my way. Little did I know that the universe had other plans! That retreat led me to re-evaluate my relationship with my health, my work, my money, my family and the choices I made. I realized that I was living a dishonest and a deeply conditioned life. For the first time I made my own decision – to quit my job and find my true direction.

The first meeting with my Human Design chart in the year 2019 left me in tears. It resonated deeply and provided me with answers that my body instantly recognized as truth. For most of my life the fear of being abandoned and the fear of failure (and success!) kept me playing small. In a desperate attempt to ‘fix myself’ I moved through a lot of self-help and personal development programs, courses, coaches etc. All of that education is definitely serving it’s purpose but when I received my HD chart I could finally see ‘the why’ of my behaviours, actions and life results in a cohesive pattern. No wonder! As I stayed true to my type and strategy my health improved leaps and bounds. I also began to understand my relationships in a new light. The awareness the chart keeps unfolding for me allows me to dive deeper into who I truly am and how I am meant to interface with the world.

My Goal as Your Guide

Emotions, food and creativity are important foundational pieces of my work. A lot of my education and training has been around them.

Working with me, especially in a coaching container, usually involves deep inner work. Your sincerity fuels the integration and growth process which then assists you to move deeper into your purpose and passion. Being a 6th line profile I am currently in the ‘on the roof’ phase. You calling me out to be your HD guide is a huge honour and at the same time the beginning of a sacred journey!

These are the three vital points that signal my success as being your HD guide:

1. you gaining an awareness of how your energy is designed to be processed, expressed and interfaced with the world so that you have an intimate knowing and ownership of your life force.
2. you having access to the necessary tools/resources that maximize your potential to rise up for a great plan or worthwhile mission.
3. you having learnt how to support your joy and wellbeing in ways that are sustainable for your life force.

Contact Information


Vasco, Goa, India


IST Timezone

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  • English

Personal Note

Here is the link to book a Human Design reading session with me on Zoom meeting - https://wellnessdesign.youcanbook.me
You may email me at bindiya@wellnessdesigncoaching.com to know the details and sign up for the other services mentioned. I look forward to us working together.