Annita Keane

Quantum Human Design Profile


    Services Offered

  • Business Coaching
  • Business Reading
  • Career Transition
  • Foundation Reading
  • Generator Coaching and Sacral Session
  • Life Cycle Readings (Life Cycle Analysis-Professional Training)
  • Relationship Reading
  • Abundance Activation Alignment Coaching
  • Quantum Alignment Initial Assessment

Quantum Human Design Type

Orchestrator (Projector)

Other Services Offered

Activate Your Prosperity Pathway - This 6-week online course is designed to help you find your business groove by activating Your Prosperity Pathway. This is your inner game of attracting money, clients and opportunities to your business without burning out.

I use the energy profiling tool human design to pin point your unique process. Knowing your business design is the game changer that sets you up for success.

    Certification Level

  • Human Design Specialist - Level 4
  • Quantum Alignment Practitioner - Level 2


I started my Human Design journey in 2014. It helped me support my clients to create plenty material resources i.e. money, clients, opportunities in work and in their business by sharing their gifts, helping their clients without burning out.

Education / Certification

• Quantum Touch Practitioner
• Professional Psychotherapist
• Advanced Theta Healer
• Big Leap Coach
• Feng Shui Master
• EFT Tapping L2
• Angel Healer & Teacher
• MSc Biomedical Science

Personal Story

Learning Human Design was a game changer for me. My relationships, work and health were transformed. The personal freedom I achieved was fabulous. I brought Human Design into the board room and helped 1000's manage stress by type.

My Goal as Your Guide

I know you have an amazing gift to share. My forte is to guide you to make money, attract clients (right work) and supportive opportunities by doing what you love, without burning out. I help you activate your inner money game, break old habits and create new ones , your way. I help you discover and activate and sustain your path to success - health, wealth, relationships andpersonal happiness. It's in your control.

Contact Information


Boston, MA


Eastern Time

    Languages Spoken

  • English

Personal Note

Get Your Prosperity flowing again. Stop worrying about money and clients and running in circles in your business, learn how you are wired to make money by Human Design.

Join - Activate Your Prosperity Pathway: 6 week online course