Andrea Niño de Guzman

Quantum Human Design Profile


    Services Offered

  • Foundation Reading
  • Generator Coaching and Sacral Session

Quantum Human Design Type

Time Bender (Manifesting Generator)

Other Services Offered

• 5-Path Hypnosis (Advanced Transformational Hypnosis)
• 7-Path Self Hypnosis
• RIM® (Regenerating Images in Memory) a body-centered, transformational technique that frees you of negative thoughts, feelings & memories empowering you to live your best life
• Life and Neuro Coaching
• Business Coaching
• Leadership Coaching
• Strategy Mentoring
• Reiki Healing
• Arcturian Healing
• Pleiadian Healing

    Certification Level

  • Quantum Human Design Specialist - Level 3


I am a Transformation Catalyst.

My place of service is to help female entrepreneurs release their inner saboteurs and reconnect with their true wisdom so that they can step into their power and serve their purpose in this world.

Education / Certification

BA in Economics, BS in Business Administration, MA Corporate Finance, ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC), Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Points of You(R) Certified Trainer, Professional Life Coach, Team Coach, Certified Brain-Based Coach, Board-Certified Hypnosis Consultant, RIM Practitioner, Reiki Master Level II, Certified Arcturian Healer Level 6, Certified Pleiadian Healer, Design Thinking Facilitator, Certified LEGO Serious Play (R) Facilitator and Workshop Designer, Certified Change Management Practitioner, Certified SCRUM Master, Certified Product Owner, Certified Barret Values Consultant, Certified Customer Experience Manager

Personal Story

After 15+ years in the corporate sector running two 7-figure businesses I left the corporate life to focus exclusively on personal development, which is my passion.

My days are now split between raising 4 kids at home, mentoring startups, and helping business leaders break through self-limiting barriers to achieve a more prosperous & more fulfilled life.

My journey as a professional coach began in 2015 with my first certification as a Nutrition and Wellness Coach. My first clients were executives who suffered from chronic stress or autoimmune disorders. It's through these experiences that I learned about the connection between your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs and your body. Since then, I’ve become a neuro-geek; I love learning everything there is about the brain and the mind.

My Goal as Your Guide

I believe that transformation is not about fixing what is wrong with you but about giving yourself permission to embrace your uniqueness and be who you really want to be.

We are not flawed, broken or in need of fixing. We are perfect beings as is, with unique gifts that can positively impact our world. It's when we step into our power, when we let our true light shine, which comes from connecting with our highest self, that we can create and inspire change around us. We need to shift this focus on fixing what is wrong to embracing the whole and leveraging on our unique gifts.

Contact Information

Company Name

ANG Transformation LLC


(+591) 60588988


La Paz, Bolivia

    Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Spanish

Personal Note

While working with me, my clients are able to:
- Reconnect with their highest purpose and potential
- Release deep-rooted mental and emotional blocks and conditioning that keep them from moving forward
- Reframe any beliefs around self-worth, failure, success, and money.
- Restore their authentic creative power and wellbeing by creating new ways of being and doing business that keep them in alignment.

Message to learn more about how you can stop playing small and make quantum leaps in life and business.