HD Evolution Report 9-24-2019

We’ve got a fun week ahead so buckle up and get ready to make the most of it.  We begin the week with the Sun in the Gate 46, Embodiment and the Earth in the Gate 25, the Gate of Spirit.  This energy is part of a calibration point that happens in the middle of each of the four Human Design creative quarters.

The Human Design year is split into four quarters.  Each quarter has a theme that sets the tone for what we are doing in our creative process.  The third quarter is all about doing the work to prepare for “harvesting” the fruits of your intentions and work.

Each quarter starts with direction giving energy.  The middle of each quarter gives us an opportunity to re-calibrate our direction and to re-connect it with the energy of Love.  This is what we are working on this week.

We are being invited by the planets to explore whether our our goals and intentions fully embody the energy of Love?  Are we serving our egos or are we serving our right place in the Cosmic Plan?

When this energy transits in the third quarter, we are also invited to look at whether our lives are fully embodying Spirit?  Do your life choices fully reflect the sacredness of your body and your actions?  Are you living as if your life, your body, your choices – every breath of your being – is sacred?

Hexagram 46 – Embodiment


The recognition that the body is the vehicle for the soul and the ability to experience and express the full vitality of Spirit in form.


Physical reality is an expression of my consciousness. I look to my reality to mirror my mindset and my beliefs back to me. I am clear, conscious and awake. I am aware that I can adjust my mindset to create any physical experience I choose. I take guided actions that are in alignment with my beliefs and I celebrate this gift of being alive in a physical body!

Writing Assignment:

  1. What is my reality telling me? Are there messages I need to heed?
  2. What discourages me? Do I push or do I allow? What do I need to do to “allow” rather than “think” my way through something?
  3. Are my intentions and actions an accurate reflection of my True Hearts Desires?

EFT Setup:

Even though it’s hard for me to love my body, I now choose to embrace my amazing physical form and honor it for all the good it brings me and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.