HD Evolution Report 9-17-2019

Hexagram 6 – Emotional Balance

The energy for diplomacy and the capacity to craft peace or fight for what’s right.


I surrender myself to life. I trust that when I wait, the elegant solution to the challenges I perceive will reveal themselves to me.I listen with my heart and wait until I am emotionally clear before I act.

Writing Assignment:

1. Are there situations in your life right now that require you to wait in order for you to craft a peaceful and loving solution? What do you need to do to bring out the highest expression of love, intimacy and peace in this situation?

EFT Setup:

Even though I’m ready to leap into action, I now choose to take a breath, wait out my emotions and trust that the right timing will be revealed to me. I’m not missing out on anything. Divine Order is the rule of the day and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.