HD Evolution Report 8-5-2019

Hexagram 7 – Influence

The natural ability to support a leader in fulfilling their role to better serve the people they are leading. “Chief of staff”.


I take leadership in my own life and know that I will be called out to share my influence with the world. I am empowered and I trust the geometry of the Universe to take me to exactly where I need to go to impress my authentic expression on the face of the world.

Writing Assignment:

  1. Where do you need to take action and leadership in your life? What do you need to do to lead your dream?
  2. What kind of influence and recognition would you like to be experiencing in your life? What has kept you from recognition in the past? Is there anything you need to change to increase your light?

EFT Setup for this week:

Even though I feel confused and conflicted about what to do, I trust the Divine Flow and let the Universe show me the right thing to do in the right time and I deeply and completely love, trust and accept myself.