HD Evolution Report 5-14-2019

MAY 10, 2019

Hexagram 23 – Explanation

The ability to take new ideas and paradigms, break them down into small pieces and explain the ideas clearly to others.


My greatest strength is my ability to be still and wait to be asked to share the vision I hold. I stand with great confidence in my knowingness and I trust that I know and hold the intention to create dynamic change for my own good and for the greater good of the whole.

Writing Assignment:

  1. What do you do to hold your vision? What part of your daily practice supports you in holding the energy of your intention?
  2. How does it feel to you when you don’t know “how” something will manifest? How long do you hold your intention? Do you have the patience to wait for the right thing? Can you let go of your back up plan and trust the Divine Order?Are you preparing with small acts of faith that will show the Universe that you are prepared for the next step in your assignment?
  3. Do you have the courage to hold onto a vision, even when no one else “gets” it or understands it at the moment? Is it okay for you to be on your own with your intention? How do you feel about “not fitting in”? Where do you quit? Where do you hold steady?

EFT Setup:

​Even though in the past I shut down my voice, I now speak my truth and offer the contribution of my unique spirit to the world and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.