HD Evolution Report 3-19-2019

Hexagram 25 – Acceptance

The ability to find the spiritual blessing and connection in every aspect of life.Healing by remembering your connection to Spirit. Surrendering the personal self to the Higher Will.


I am perfectly prepared to take my place in Divine Order. I know that my intentions can and will be fulfilled according to Divine Mind and I relax and trust. I know that there are greater unexpected outcomes that are for my higher good and I trust completely that all is well. I turn a blind eye to how things look and I know that the Truth will be revealed to me when I need to know. The Spirit of God within me is the Source of all my good.

Writing Assignment:

1. How much do you trust in Divine Order?

EFT Setup:

Even though in the past, I was afraid to follow my heart, I now choose to do what is right for me and know that I am fully supported and I deeply and completely love and accept myself.