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Find Strength to Overcome Negative Emotions with Kristin Shorter

An unfortunate aspect of human relationships is that sadness is a great connector. It brings people together much more easily than happiness.

If you want to connect with someone, tell them your troubles and share your woes, the chances are that you will get sympathy and compassion.

If, instead, you talk about your success and your happiness, chances are they will find you boastful and will be less likely to connect with you.

People experience side benefits from holding on to “depression” and despair. These side benefits may offer temporary relief, but in the long-term, depression and despair are extremely destructive for everyone involved. (**We are not referring to clinical depression, to be clear. Clinical depression is a medical diagnosis.)

During the QAS Show Kristin Shorter, Human Design Specialist and Parenting Coach, looks at:

  • How to talk to someone who is despondent
  • How to understand what that emotion does for them
  • Examine the benefits of being in despair
  • How to find the strength to overcome negative emotions
  • Examine and understand the Human Design chart to see your potential and destiny (and strategies to help you reinterpret your despair…)

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