How Do We Best Experience States of Awe and Wonder?

I hope this letter finds you standing in states of awe and wonder. I want you to discover these states of awe and wonder for two reasons.

  1. It’s magical!
  2. It’s a powerful, creative state!

When we look at the Human Design chart, we see that the Gates of the Head Center, the Gates 63, 64, and 61 are the Gates that provide the interface between our Human story and the Quantum Field – or God- depending on your perspective and belief system.

They provide the potential for experiencing more states of awe and wonder.


Image of the Gate 61 which can lead to experiencing a state of awe and wonder

Gate 61 contains the code for innocence and wonder. Experiencing states of awe and wonder can be found here.

The energy of this Gate reminds us that we are most connected and dialed into the potential of our true creative power when we see the world through eyes of wonder.

Our Western language is somewhat limiting.

Our words describe the world in a very human-centric way. Animals, plants, and nature, in general, are “its” and “things”. Even though we know, from science, that animals and plants are living things, we are taught not to personify them – or even speak to them or of them in the same way as we do humans.

Our language limits our perspective.

If we see the world merely as a natural arena within which our human story unfolds, then we miss out on experiencing not only the sense of wonder that we experience when we witness the complex marvel nature of the planet and the cosmos, but we also miss out on the breath-taking generosity of a world that is always in commUNION with us.

If you understand that your entire physical, 3-D experience is a manifestation of your vibrational frequency, then you begin to see that the world is constantly in communication with you.

The trees, the plants, the mountains, and the wind carries messages for you. You are never alone, and the insights and information you need are often just a walk in the forest away.

We’re not acting out our lives on a sterile, inanimate stage. We exist in a living, breathing matrix that is perpetually generous and deeply vested in our well-being. If we choose to listen and be with it in a state of wonder.

Not only that, nature inspires us, lowers our stress response, and makes us more creative. Being in nature increases the likelihood of a peak experience, a sense of deep peace, and states of awe and wonder.

In an over-digitalized world, where it’s easy to lose our Heart connection to the world – and the people – around us, I invite you to take some time outside today. Speak with the mountains, the flowers, the ants, and the trees. Notice the squirrels and the birds, and see if you can’t find a crow to say “good day” to!

If you can interface with your environment with the expectation that you are grounded in a constant flow of connection, information, and support that IS the generous, loving nature of a world that is constantly seeking to bless you, then you may find that there is more well-being and goodness available to you than you realized! You may more often have peak experiences and stand in states of awe and wonder!

Have a wonderful week!

Take good care of yourselves!

From my Heart to Yours,


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