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Creating Healthy Personal Boundaries in Spite of Your Open Centers-Quantum Alignment Show

June 14 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Creating Healthy Personal Boundaries in Spite of Your Open Centers
with Leslie vanWinkle, Reflector, Human Design Specialist and Life Coach

We create boundaries to keep people at a safe distance emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually, and mentally. When our personal boundaries are weak or porous, we lose our personal power and sense of self.

This session deals with the ways that the open Will Center, the open Emotional Solar Plexus, and the open Identity G-Center can cause us to develop weak boundaries around our self-worth, our emotional engagement, and our identity.

Human Design tells that our open centers absorb and amplify energy, providing a gateway for us to gain wisdom about our human condition. Each center has energetic tendencies and vulnerabilities and these factors can cause us to adopt disempowering coping mechanisms and behavior patterns. I call these “learned boundary infractions.”

When we are young, we learn what is expected of us and we take on those roles. As we grow up, we train people how to treat us based on these expectations and roles. These patterns are not always in our own best self-interest, which makes them unhealthy and limits our ability to fully express our gifts and talents.

For example:

  • The open Solar Plexus can cause us to avoid conflict and want everyone happy. So, we learn to take care of other people’s feelings or rescue them from pain.
  • The open Will Center can cause us to undervalue ourselves, so perhaps we learned to give away our time, talent, and resources to prove our worth, or overcompensate in some way.
  • The open G-Center can cause us to question our lovability and our identity. We might adopt the
    thoughts, preferences, and personalities of the people important to us in order to feel we belong.

Good news! What has been learned, can be unlearned.

During this hour-long program, I will identify some of the learned boundary infractions that can result from the openness of the Solar Plexus, the Will Center, and the Identity or G-Center.

You will learn ways to identify these patterns, and begin to retrain yourself and reclaim your personal power.

We each have a unique contribution to make on the planet. To express this contribution and have an empowered and satisfying life, we need clarity and strength of purpose. This occurs naturally when we shed disempowering behaviors and conditioning, make our self-interest a priority, and lift the lid on our self-imposed limitations.

Join Leslie vanWinkle on Friday, June 14 at 1 PM Central, 11 AM Pacific .

There are two ways to participate.

You may join on Zoom as attendees by clicking:
https://zoom.us/j/310803664 Webinar ID: 310 803 664

or watch us LIVE and comment on our Human Design For Everyone Facebook page by clicking here


June 14
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
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