Endings B/4 Beginnings-Eclipse Season 2020-QAS Show

Watch Rebekkah Hanson, Human Design Specialist, Astrologer and Numerologist for

“Endings B/4 Beginnings” Quantum Alignment Show to find out more about this year’s Eclipse Season.

Stressful changes are happening on our planet right now and we are living in extreme times. Birthing a new world and leaving in a legacy for future generations not only takes time, but can be a painful process. KNOW that the transformation will be worth it! Step by step, one bite at a time is how we will get through it!

Rebekkah discussed the current Eclipse season and bringing tools on how to navigate this ever changing world we are experiencing. Eclipses have a much longer and stronger impact than the monthly lunar cycles so being aware of the higher energies and learning how to express them in our own lives is imperative!

By understanding the personal strategies of Human Design along with the timing elements of Astrology, you can have these guides right there in your back pocket!

Resources mentioned during the show:

To find out more about Rebekkah or to be notified about “Cocktails and Constellations” meetings – visit http://abundanceastrologer.com/

More Information on the Galactic Center visit Kim Gould’s article on her site by clicking here

Also Philip Sedgwick – http://www.philipsedgwick.com

Philip Sedgwick’s book – The Soul of The Sky

To download your personal Human Design Chart visit https://freehumandesignchart.com