Empowering 5th Lines – Quantum Alignment Show 3-29-2019

Making A Better Life Despite Projection: Empowering the 5th Line
Quantum Alignment Show with guest hosts Sandra Lee and Agalia Baker

Among people who know about Human Design, the Line 5 has a bit of a bad reputation for being a tough Profile to have. That’s because of what is called a “Projection Field” where people tend to project expectations upon those with 5th Line Profiles. Understanding about the Projection Field makes sense of SO many challenging experiences.

It is common to feel that no one truly sees you for who you are.

Please join Sandra Lee (3/5 Manifestor) and Agalia Baker (5/1 Generator) for the Quantum Alignment Show on March 29 where we will discuss the 5th Life Profile experience and challenges associated with the Projection Field, as well as the purpose and gifts of the 5th Line Profiles.

Yes, we have SuperPowers!

Whether you are a 5th Line Profile or want to understand better the 5th Line in your life, join us for this opportunity to look at the 5th Line with new eyes.

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