Empaths in Love – Quantum Alignment Show

Are you a high-functioning, highly-sensitive, and empathic soul? During the entire month before Valentines Day, we’re all sold the idea of Love as red roses, teddy bears with chocolates, and romantic dinners out with our partners.

But for some of us, Love looks nothing like this. This time of year can not only bring up feelings of dread if we’re in toxic relationship dynamics, but it can also trigger old wounds and feelings – like our Love isn’t worthy of any kind of celebration.

In this week’s Quantum Alignment Show, Human Design Specialist, Korynn Elliott, will explore the relationship dynamic between people who may have highly-sensitive or empathic traits and those who could be identified as having narcissistic traits. We’ll take a look at where these traits show up in the Human Design chart and what a person can do to start the healing process when involved this type of relationship – and begin to embrace and receive the Love that they’re really here for!

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