EFT and Human Design – A Powerful Healing Partnership….


Any student of Human Design knows that most people suffer tremendously from social conditioning during childhood, adolescence, and even into adulthood. We are told from our earliest years how to act how to feel and how to think. You can probably think of a number of examples from your own life to illustrate this point.

This conditioning to become someone that you are not, or to live out your “not self,” leaves wounds in the energy system that meridian therapists know as energy disturbances.

When you discover Human Design Strategy, and start living who you really are, you will definitely create fewer denied emotions and fewer traumas in your life. But what about all of those traumas and blocked feelings you have already built up from a lifetime of “slings and arrows”? You may find old patterns that still exist and that are hard to break, old pains still hurting, and traumas that still give you stress.

What a great feeling it is to love yourself and know yourself when you finally get comfortable with your Human Design type and strategy. But, just knowing about your Human Design does not necessarily mean that you have cleared the energy disturbances which already exist in your system. In fact, knowing your issues and talking about them can actually add more layers of trauma or pain that limit you even further.

For those who embrace Human Design and begin living it, new traumas and emotional baggage will not collect like they have in the past. However, the old baggage is still there. I have met people who have been “living their strategy” for more than a decade, and they live life with little resistance. However, many of these people still carry “old emotional baggage” that remains under the surface.

The best way to clear the old stuff is with a Meridian Energy Therapy, like EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques). Clearing physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual energy blocks with the help of EFT restores balance to a person’s energy system. EFT and similiar therapies can work wonders when applied to conditioning patterns that have built up when a person has spent years living their “not self”. With the help of EFT, anyone can move that much faster toward the goal of living his or her true Human Design.

If you are tired of trying to be someone you are not, and you are ready to begin living who you really are, learn your design, learn EFT, and start tapping away that unwanted conditioning! Use your knowledge of your design to become more and more of who you really are, and you will stop piling up junk in your energy system! Use EFT to get rid of the old junk that has already piled up!

Another use for EFT is tapping on the agony of waiting. Most people 98% are not Manifestors, and so they must wait to respond or wait to be invited. For those of us (all us probably) who have been conditioned by society to go out there and make things happen, to take the tiger by the tail, or the bull by the horns, waiting hurts.

We want our life to get straightened out immediately, and then some awful Human Design Specialist says we have to “wait to respond”! Waiting is sooooooo hard!!!!

So tap on it. Here are some sample set-up phrases:

“Even though I hate waiting for the Universe to bring me something to respond to, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I’m afraid I will never get an invitation to do something I like, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

“Even though I think God will let me down again and I’ll be stuck waiting forever, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Use these phrases and make up lots of your own, and tap, tap, tap, until your anxiety about waiting is totally gone.

I have discovered, through living my design for over 15 years, that the very week (sometimes the very day) that I totally and completely resign myself to waiting, something comes along for me to respond to. Sometimes it happens faster than that, like on your way home from having your first Human Design reading.

Projectors may wait longer, because sometimes the circumstances all have to fall into place for the big invitations to arrive, but even they get invitations exactly when they are ready. And when they are ready is usually when they have cleared out junk that hasn’t been serving them, and they are ready for an invitation.

Even Manifestors have certain phases of life, or certain transit times, during which they will have to wait to respond. So at any given moment in Human history, about 96% of the population would be best served by waiting to respond to what the Universe offers them. And since waiting goes against our social conditioning, tapping can help reduce the waiting anxiety.

Try and let me know how it works for you.



P.S.  New to EFT?  Check out my friend, Brad Yates:  http://bradyates.net  He’s an incredible teacher, hugely compassionate man and a great resource for learning more about EFT.

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