Discover 3 Super Powers in Your Human Design-QAS 7-24-2020

Discover 3 Key Super Powers in Your Human Design

with special guest host, Human Design Specialist, multiple-published author, arousing public speaker, beloved teacher, and highly intuitive and skilled mentor-coach, Maggie Ostara.

Maggie will be discussing how to access your “Super Powers” to help you navigate through this uncertain and seemingly divisive time.

While “super powers” might sound grandiose, the truth is that each of us have profound abilities that are not generally recognized and appreciated by our common culture that are enormously beneficial.

When we discover and learn to use them, these abilities can feel like super powers because of the way they make life so much easier, less stressful, more influential, more pleasurable and more prosperous!

During this webinar you’ll learn about three of the most vital super powers in every Human Design, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn more if you feel drawn to discover more.

Resources Mentioned:
Activate Your Super Powers – https://sovereigntybydesign.com/aysp-program
Resource Library – https://sovereigntybydesign.com/resource-library/
Contact Maggie at admin@ostaraexperience.com
Request to join the Sovereignty By Design Facebook group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/sovereigntybydesign/

To find out more about Maggie Ostara, visit her Specialist page by clicking here

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