Want to create an authentic life? One that feels like you’re on the right path, doing what you’re truly meant to be doing?... Then you have to start first with knowing who you are.

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Dein persönlicher

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Fill out the form, click the “Run My Chart Now! ” button

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Can you see your Human Design chart now? Yay!

Your next step is to download it because you’re going to want to keep it handy on your journey. Ready? Let’s go!

Save Your Chart

Congratulations!! You ran your chart! You’ve just taken the first step toward learning some exciting things about yourself. Now, to get the most out of your unique Human Design chart, you’ll want to save it (and maybe even print it off) so you can refer back to it with the resources we’re sending to your inbox right now.

To do that, simply click the green “Save Chart” button on your chart and follow the prompts on your computer or mobile device.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have pop-ups blocked on your browser, you may need to temporarily allow pop-ups in order to save your chart.

OK, got your chart saved somewhere handy? Great! Now buckle in and get ready for the wild ride of self-discovery. Here’s your next step…

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HD Workbook

Want To Know What Your Chart Means?

By now you should have successfully run & saved your chart, and if our assumptions are correct, you’re probably taking a good look at it and wondering, “What does it all mean?”

This is where your epic journey begins, my friend. To find out more about how to read your Human Design Chart, pre-order your copy of The Human Design Workbook” on Amazon TODAY.

„Individuell sind wir alle nur Puzzleteile – Teile eines größeren Ganzen. Wir werden vollständig definiert, wenn wir zusammen sind. Wir bringen alle Teile mit, die uns alle energetisch vereinen und uns die Möglichkeit bieten, die gesamte menschliche Erfahrung auszudrücken.“

Autor Karen Curry Parker

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