Crystals and Human Design Quantum Alignment Show

Crystals and Human Design

The magical world of crystal energy has been used for decades by spiritual healers to help bridge the link between the earth and the different layers of our energetic bodies to cause specific, vibrational connections which can influence the positive change we need to live at higher levels of awakening.

There have been countless books written about how specific crystals can be used to pinpoint and release specific aspects of healing – whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.

In this session, Human Design, Level 3 specialist, Tina Rusnak will take us on a journey of how the power of crystals can be applied to our unique Human Design to help release old patterns of conditioning which may be blocking our ability to communicate our truth as we continue to work with the changing and supporting energies of the earth and universe.


To get Tina’s pdf for the show visit – https://tinarusnakunlimited.com/hdcrystalsty/

To find out more about Tina visit her Specialist page by clicking here