Creating the Life You Desire through Purposeful Change-QAS Show

On this week’s Quantum Alignment Show, Level 3 specialist, Tina Rusnak, will share 4 steps we can take to free ourselves from the destructive thought processes that prevent us from growing into our true potential and achieving our goals. We’ll also explore practical action steps we can take to increase our confidence to manifest our own miracles, in our own unique way, in our own unique time frame with joy, gratitude and a deep sense of purpose.

When it comes to changing behaviors that we no longer wish to embody or achieving long standing goals which we haven’t quite been able to manifest, we often assume there are critical aspects we’re missing before we can begin. Things such as having the right talent and abilities or perhaps we don’t have enough resources or the right tools or support to get us where we ultimately desire to be in our lives, career or relationships. These ideas or beliefs hold us back.

Some of us feel the need to wait for things to be “perfect” before we can take the first steps to change; others begin, but then get distracted and thrown of course, while others never find their way and as the years go by, their dreams become more and more distant until they simply give-up – BUT this doesn’t have to happen IF you are ready to commit to creating real change in your life or achieve those elusive goals.

Are you ready for a new perspective on creating change? The astrology for the past several months and for the months to come will continue to support our ability to align with the truth of who we are, but it’s also been challenging us to get really, super clear on exactly what is is we really want to achieve.

If you’ve been struggling to begin, gain momentum or see the results of your efforts so far, you may have become trapped in a mind-body cycle of resistance, but there is a way to release those blocks, get back on track and start seeing results.

Resources mentioned during show:
For more information on Human Design and the Quantum Alignment System visit – https://quantumalignmentshow.com

To work more closely with Tina – https://tinarusnakunlimited.com/