Courage Revisited in the Human Design Chart – Quantum Alignment Show

Courage Revisited in the Human Design Chart

Feel the fear and do it anyway???
Are you afraid?

You might be and not realize it.

All of my life I’ve watched people struggle with motivation…the motivation to stay focused, to do your work, take care of yourself, be vulnerable, persistent, courageous, on task, to take risks, push past your comfort zone, grow bigger….

And, truthfully, most people respond to the inner desire to grow and create more by avoiding, feeling confused, procrastinating, hiding out in some way or just staying numb to that inner voice…

I have found that fear is the major reason why we don’t fulfill our full potential.

What Human Design teaches us is that we’re not actually designed to be afraid. We’re designed to be courageous.

But if you’re not living true to your Human Design, and you don’t understand the nature of the energies you’re dealing with, you’re living what I call a “mis-aligned” life.

Living a “mis-aligned life” manifests in difficult and challenging ways in your personal life, including in your finances, your creative fulfillment, your work, your relationships, your connection to Source and, obviously, your physical body.

When you are not living an aligned life, you hide behind all kinds of energies, including hatred, frustration, bitterness, anger, disappointment and lack.

We are trained to tackle the symptoms of mis-alignment. We try to change our patterns and habits, medicate or “heal” pain but you can’t permanently remove mis-alignment if you don’t treat it on multiple energetic levels.

We try to feel the fear and do it anyway.

Simply put, you can just change your physical reality and expect permanent change, if you don’t also change on a quantum level.

You have to give your fear a new meaning so that you can create a different experience of it and THEN do it anyway.

Want to redefine your fear and discover your courageous heart?

Watch this Quantum Alignment Show. We’re going to revisit the meaning of “FEAR” and explore ways to help you leverage fear into action.