Corona Virus and Human Design Revisited – QAS Show

Astrology teaches us about cycles of evolutionary growth. Every event and experience is initiated by an astrological cycle that brings us lessons for our soul’s growth.
In Human Design pandemics start with the Sun in the Gate 44.4. That puts the initiation of the current Covid-19 pandemic on November 3-4, 2019.
Astrologers have been saying all year that we have the potential to have a second COVID-19 surge in the fall.
Well. Here we are.

The Coronavirus has a “design” that reveals the lessons of this pandemic. As we approach the first “birthday” of the Coronavirus, it’s vital to explore the new themes that this virus is bringing us.

The Coronavirus birthday this year falls on the day of the United States election bringing us some very interesting themes to explore as we face the challenges of making conscious choices that support us in moving forward towards creating a world of peace.
Join Karen Curry Parker for this week’s Quantum Alignment Show. She explored the lessons of the Coronavirus and looking at the design of the next cycle of the pandemic and how it has the potential to influence the themes of the upcoming United States election and the world.
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