Conversations about Human Design, Power, Consciousness, “Manifesting” and Money

Money and Power – Part 2 of a 3 part series Quantum Alignment Show with Karen Curry Parker

We say that “Money is power”. While the Human Design chart does show that the energy Center for a specific kind of power – “will power” – shares the Center most associated with the energy of money, it’s not the true Source of power in the chart.

Not only that, as the chart itself is changing to reflect our evolving shift in consciousness, we are learning to access power AND support, including money, in brand new ways.

If you’ve ever hated money, been frustrated by money, wanted more money, resented money, loved money, and feel that your relationship with money needs some serious improvements, please join me this for Part 2 of my 3 Part Quantum Conversation about “Money and Power”.

During this week’s show you’re going to learn:

**Why your struggle with money might be a sign that you are an evolved being

**What you need to do to amplify your Power and gain access to more support

**How you can “up” your money game without compromise, apology or being misaligned with your Authentic Self

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