Meet the Team

Karen Curry Parker is the Founder & Creator⁠⁠ of two professional trainings, the Quantum Human Design for Everyone Training System™ and The Quantum Alignment System™ and the Founder of the Understanding Human Design Membership Community.⁠⁠
She is also one of the world’s leading Human Design teachers and best-selling author in Human Design, a TEDx Speaker, and has been teaching, speaking, coaching clients and training students for over three decades. She is also the Host of the Quantum Conversations and Understanding Human Design Podcasts and Co-Founder of GracePoint Publishing.⁠⁠
Karen has a deep love for helping people activate their highest potential, which in part is why she created Quantum Human Design™. Her core mission is to help people live the life they were designed to live by discovering who they are, what they are here to do and how to activate their authentic life path.⁠⁠

Karen is a 4/6 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), Mother of eight amazing Humans, Wife of a genius and Grandmother of two emerging World Leaders. She has her BSN in Nursing, BA in Journalism and is currently working on her Ph.D in Integrative Health at Quantum University.

Cindy Harley joined the Team in 2012 and is the Queen of Courses and Technical Support (we’ve also dubbed her the Queen of Crystals, seriously…she has an amazing collection!) Cindy coordinates and manages all of the behind the scenes magic related to our email list mailings and any of the Professional Training and general courses created by Karen including the Understanding Human Design Membership Community.

Cindy is Karen’s wing woman and facilitator during classes and general community calls, she is the Zoom master if you will.

She has also been known to be referred to as Detective Harley 🕵️‍♀️ because her defined Ajna abilities are astounding at deep diving into the archives of the business when someone requests a resource from long ago.

She also wields her defined Ajna as a weapon we like to lovingly call the “Kracken” which means don’t ask Cindy if she has an idea unless you’re ready to open and receive the flood gates that will be unleashed!

Cindy is a 4/6 Alchemist (Generator), Certified Quantum Alignment System Practitioner and Quantum Human Design Specialist. She is a Mother of one daughter and currently lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband, who recently retired from the Navy, and their precious four-legged kid, a kitty named Jaye 🐈 who you may see make an on-screen appearance because she loves to assist Cindy in her meetings.

Betsy Batista joined the Team in 2018 and is now the Quantum Alignment System Practitioner Support, which means she is the Coordinator for one of the two Professional Training Tracts created by Karen, the Quantum Alignment System™ (upon completion you become a Certified Quantum Alignment System Practitioner). She is the point of contact from the moment you sign up for QAS Professional Training all the way through through Certification.

Betsy and Kristin get to tag team on the Professional Training, kind of like a 2-for-1. Rumor has it that this Tag Team concept went straight to their heads and they took it to a whole new level. They seem to think they are their own 2-person crew—they have even invented code names. 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s casual.

Betsy is a 2/4 Alchemist (Generator), a multi-passionate entrepreneur and is the Founder of Living Into Human Design. She is a healer, storyteller, intuitive and a transformational guide for those on the path of awakening. She is also a Certified Quantum Alignment Practitioner and Quantum Human Design Specialist.

Betsy has always believed in the power of stories and spent the first half of her life telling stories on stage – she even got her bachelor’s degree in theater.

As she grew older, lived in different places, worked in different fields and gained a wider variety of life experience, she learned that stories are told in many more mediums than she used to believe. She learned to tell stories through design, writing, video editing and production, and even through spiritual growth and development.

Betsy learned through personal experience how much the stories we tell ourselves impact our life. When we share our authentic stories with others, we have the power to free ourselves – and each other – to be the perfectly imperfect, magical beings we were born to be.

Betsy is also a wife and mother of two precious girls who are all also Alchemists (Generators). She speaks English, Hebrew and does voice over work on the side.

It is Betsy’s dream to be a conduit for healing trauma on the planet, so that we can create a whole, healed, aligned world of peace, sustainability, joy, equity and justice! 🗺

Kristin Anne joined the team in 2020 as the Quantum Human Design Specialist Support, which means she is the Coordinator for one of the two Professional Training Tracts created by Karen, the Quantum Human Design for Everyone Training System™ in which upon completion you become a Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist.

Kristin is the point of contact from the moment you sign up for QHD Professional Training all the way through Certification and then afterwards in our Professional Association Membership as well, known as QASPA, pronounced like CAS-PUH. She also manages all of Karen’s social media you see on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

Kristin is Made to Love ❤️ it’s what she does, it’s Who she is. She even has it tattooed on her left forearm so it’s the first thing she sees when waking up every day as a reminder of why she’s here, especially on the days it feels harder to Human. Everything she does, says and shares is from the abundance and overflow of Love that just oozes out of her (and NOT because her life has been all sunshine and roses, it’s because it was NOT and that is what made her into Who she is today. It’s why regardless of what her day was like or what’s going on in the world she can lay her head down at night and wake up each morning in deep deep gratitude for being Alive and still having people in her life that she gets to Love.

She’s had the honor and privilege for over a decade of being the person in people’s lives that she used to wish was in hers. She has over 20 years of business/office management and administrative experience (She loves a good spreadsheet!) She’s also obsessed with organization, streamlining, simplification, details and communication.

She’s a 2/4 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), Gemini Sun & Moon and Leo Rising, Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, Yoga and Reiki Practitioner. She is also a wife to an amazing and supportive partner, Momma of two precious fur babies 🐶🐾 and Soul Sister to many incredible friends who she considers family, a bunch of who she’s met through the beautiful and amazing community that Karen has built.

Jamila Jamie joined the team in 2020 as the Keeper of the Keys to the Kingdom 🗝 aka Karen’s Administrative Assistant. She manages all things related Karen’s schedule, calendar and correspondence.

She has also been dubbed the Queen of Memes, you never know when she’ll slide one into your DM’s and have you crying laughing. 🤣

Jamila is a 2/4 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), Mother of one son, three precious fur babies 🐶🐾 and in true Time Bender fashion is a multi-passionate entrepreneur.

She is a Quantum Energist, Certified Homeopath, Quantum Alignment System Practitioner & Quantum Human Design Specialist as well as certified in numerous other energy healing and psychology techniques.

From as long as she can remember she was always able to see and know things about people by being able to “read” their energy. An avid learner and self-proclaimed geek, she has been delving in Human Design for over 10 years and uses this as the guidepost in all her work.

Jamila is also the creator of Quantum Essences. A unique and powerful holistic line of what her clients call “magical potions” 🪄 that elevate energy healing and help you realign with your energy template.

Jamila has written for several established websites and magazines. It is her passion to help women liberate their energy and take back their power, so they live authentically…Bold, Fierce, & Free.

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