Communication Elemental Style Quantum Alignment Show with guest host Elaine Correia


Join Elaine Correia, Level 3 Human Design Specialist, as she talks about the hidden pitfalls in your relationship and discover how to deepen your connection.

If you struggle in your relationships and want to deepen your connection, then join us. Imagine what your relationships could be like if you understood the right timing and way to say things so that your partner actually listens.

You’re invited to a new way to approach communicating. When you discover whether you have a predominantly a fiery Fire personality, or are a chatty Air person, a sensitive and emotional Water person or a pragmatic Earth person, you have a secret tool that will help you not feel guilty for the way you speak up. Each element has a particular style of communicating and also its own set of fears that sabotage you from delivering your message.

When you understand yourself and your partner, you become aware of the places where you get along and the places of friction and challenge.Then you can figure out how to bring peace and harmony into your relationship and work _together_ to achieve your goals. You begin to love and enjoy each other’s company and the blessings and opportunities you offer each other.

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