Communication by Human Design – QAS Show

Communication and Human Design

One of the biggest relationship challenges that people share with is the struggle to be heard and to effectively communicate with their loved ones.

Human Design teaches us that communication is a function of your Human Design. Different elements in the chart need to communicate in the right way in order for you to be heard and to feel loved.

During Quantum Alignment Show, you’re going to learn your best style of communication, what you need to feel loved and heard, how you can get your message across in a loving way with your partner and how to deepen the connection between the two of you in a respectful and honoring way.

Resources mentioned:

To download the slide handout – click here   http://bit.ly/2S6Z4ft

To find out more information about the International Human Design Conference visit: https://humandesignconference.com/

To download your own personal Human Design Chart – visit https://freehumandesignchart.com

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