Personal Empowerment Program – Centers Welcome

Welcome! You are about to embark on a journey to discovering the true essence of your Power. In this program you’re going to discover who you are, how your power is activated and what you need to do to unravel and untangle your energy so that you can live more…

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Love by Type – Projector

Projector Love Ok. Projectors! It’s your turn! Let’s talk about relating to Projectors. Projectors comprise about 20% of the population. Their role in life is to manage, guide and direct the rest of the Types. (What a HARD job!!!) Projectors are very different than all of the other Types. First…

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Love By Type – Generator

Recently I asked some of my clients what their greatest relationship challenge was. The answer, “hands down”, was communication. Communication isn’t just about being heard or listening. Good communication actually moves energy, relieves pressure, creates things and, of course, in our relationships, has the potential to bring us closer. Good…

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