Abracadabra, the Aramaic incantation used by magicians, translates to “I will create as I speak”. The words we choose have the power to define who we think we are, set the tone and the direction for our lives and even have the power to change your DNA. I’ve been teaching…

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Gate 38

Celestial Fireworks

The Season of Celestial Fireworks We are living in an eclipse season that features the themes of the first lunar eclipse in the Gate 5, the Gate of Consistency, the Gate 15, the Gate of Compassion and the Gate 38, the Gate of the Visionary. Today we have a full…

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image of chaos and timelines

Jumping Timelines

​We Are Jumping Timelines Join me for this week’s Quantum Alignment Show. We’re going to discuss what you need to do to re-awaken your creative power in the way that’s right for you – in alignment with your Human Design. (Call in information is posted below.) We are standing on…

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Feminine Spiral

Do Optimists Get Discouraged First?

I was browsing my Facebook feed and I stumbled upon an article entitled, “Optimists Get Discouraged First”. As a die-hard optimist, this got my attention. While I felt a little resistant to the title of the article, I learned a lot from what I read. The bottom line of this…

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a rope fraying representing frustration

Arggghhh! Frustration!

That is the sound of frustration – my emotional theme as a Manifesting Generator. Maybe you relate? Nothing. I mean NOTHING this month has gone as planned. (Have you ever had that experience???) My daughter’s baby is STILL not born. I’m not too panicked as we tend to grow big, juicy…

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Sit-Ups For Your Soul

Your Soul Needs Exercise! **Yesterday, I sent you a note about ripping off the metaphorical duct tape from my mouth.  I immediately got emails from Projectors who were confused.  I did NOT intend to imply that you can ignore your Human Design strategy.  What I meant by my statement is…

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woman meditation and spanning the gap

Spanning The Gap

Spanning the Gap Between Life Situations. It’s my birthday today.  It’s part of my personal birthday ritual to find a quiet place to meditate and look back at the year and align with what’s next for my upcoming year. This past year has been a real butt-kicker.  I’ve had a…

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