Human Design Healing Secrets – QA Show

Human Design Healing Secrets with Stacy Cisneros Join guest host, Stacy Cisneros, Certified Level 3 Human Design Specialist for this Quantum Alignment Show where she reveals healing secrets embedded in our Human Design charts. Have you ever felt restored, healed, or made whole by being in the presence of others?…

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Are You Resisting Your Design? QA Show

Are You Resisting Your Design? In this Quantum Alignment Show, we are going to look at how trauma affects our ability to fully access our design. When our physical, emotion and spiritual health is compromised, the potential to fulfill our blueprint might seem far away. Join, Human Design Specialist, Suzanne…

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QAS Show - James Wilson

The Core Paradox – QA Show

During this show, you will see how physics can be a direct link to realizing the nature of the mind, body, and ego as it relates to Human Design. All it takes is one deep insight, a sudden realization, or a fresh perspective to see life in an entirely new…

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How to Align with Sacred Commerce

How to Align with Sacred Commerce You have a Legacy. We have good hearts, we care about humans, we care about serving and also we want to be prosperous in ways that are Sustainable, Profitable & Equitable… but how? Your vocation deserves to FEEL GOOD, BE WEALTHY and GIVE BACK.…

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