Building Up Your Courage – QAS Show

There are many shifts taking place on the planet right now. Everything is changing – our systems, mother earth, and all of humanity, including you.

With 2020 being a universal “4” year, our focus is on building a solid foundation, manifesting more of what we want, and taking action that supports each of the former. If we want to build a new structure, we must remove the old structure first. Even with our finances, we may experience a shakedown that forces us to let go of the old, before bringing in the new abundant financial foundation we truly desire.

All of this takes courage. Courage to ask for what you want. Courage to create a more sustainable world. Courage to manifest anything, anywhere, even when it seems impossible.

Do you have this courage?

In this week’s Quantum Alignment Show, you are invited to build up your courage with guest host and Quantum Alignment Level 3 Practitioner, Alana Heim. Together, you will explore how courageously resilient you are. You will learn more about your unique courageous design, the importance of transmuting the energy of fear into courage, and how to use this strength to manifest more of what you want.

Because, yes, you do have the courage, and yes, you can manifest anything you want.

Resources mentioned:

To learn more and register for Alana’s Courage to Thrive-Earth Activation class – https://www.prosperityalignment.com/thrive

If you would like to work with Alana personally visit her Practitioner page – click here