Building a Business That Sustains and Serves

This is a special invitation for you if you are an entrepreneur, self-employed or if you’re dreaming of starting a business of your own.

One of the greatest challenges in starting or growing your business is knowing how to build a business that sustains you, both financially and energetically.

If you build your business in a way that’s not in alignment with your Human Design Type and your Life Purpose, you run the risk of burning yourself out trying to force your business into existence.

If business feels hard for you, if you’re struggling to craft a sustainable business plan that supports your growth while sustaining your current level of business, if you’re feeling confused about how best to market, promote and sell your products and services, please join me for a special one-hour free presentation:

Business by Design: Building a Business that Sustains You

Yes, I said sustains YOU. So many times we focus our business energy on how we can serve our clients, but if your business doesn’t also serve YOU, you can’t serve anyone else.

Michelle is a multiple best-selling author, publisher and risk-taking, purpose and business coach, Tedx speaker and lover of those who forge their own path.

A successful business consultant, she has started three multimillion-dollar companies, produced a documentary, and has been an advisor to top-level business people, politicians, and already visible coaches and authors. She has been filmed for the documentary “Wisdom from Thought Leaders,” along with Sting and the Dalai Lama.

During this one-hour presentation, you’re going to learn:

1. How to weave your Life Purpose into your business
2. Key components you MUST include in your business plan and marketing to stay sustainable in business
3. Why investing in yourself, your education and even your REST (yes, I said REST) is vital for your business to support you. (Even if you think you can’t afford it.)
4. How to construct your business and marketing plan according to your Human Design

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