Boost Your Manifesting Skillset – QA Show

Boost Your Manifesting Skillset Quantum Alignment Show with Annita Keane

Have you ever wondered why you get limited results, even though you follow “the law of attraction” process to the letter? Is there a secret behind the secret that no-one has told you about? ​

What I have found is that the universal laws of manifesting are consistent. What differs is how you are wired to connect with these laws to create the results you want. ​

Boost Your Manifesting Skillset with Human Design ​ ​

In this 60 minute workshop – you’ll learn:​

  • Why you may get limited results even though you follow the law of attraction to the letter ​
  • What gets in the way of your manifesting process ​
  • Why your human design is key to your success

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Connect with Annita:

Website: https://www.annitakeane.com

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FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ManifestMoneybyDesign


The Quantum Alignment Show is a weekly hour long LIVE show that airs on Facebook and Zoom.

This show was created by Karen Curry Parker with the intention of helping you live your life Authentically Aligned with the Truth of Who You Are by helping understand yourself better through various topics, energy modalities, healing tools and the lens of Quantum Human Design!