Why you do the things you do episode 24 cover photo

Why You Do The Things You Do

Watch the Quantum Alignment Show: Why You Do The Things You Do Why do you DO the things you DO? (And why don’t you DO the things you know you “should” be DOING?) Do you procrastinate, lose your temper (more than you like to admit), hide yourself, give more to…

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Gate 62 - Preparation for post on why you need to have a dream

Why You Need to Have a Dream

Do you have a dream? I hope this week finds you cultivating endurance, practicing gratitude, and letting yourself have a dream. One of my students recently asked me what is the difference between being grateful and settling for less than what you want. Gratitude is a skill set. It is the ability to…

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quantum alignment show understanding the power and mystery of emotions

Unraveling the Mystery of Emotions

Unraveling the Mystery of Emotions If you’d like more understanding of how to unlock your unique energy blueprint for joy or want to dive deeper into discovering the real reasons you may be feeling sad or understand how your emotions may be affecting your health, please check out the Quantum…

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