At the Root of it All is Love….

We start the week with the Sun in the Gate 10, Empowerment, moving to the Gate 58, Joy, on Saturday.  The Gate 10 is all about self-love, self-empowerment and empowerment of others.  The low expression of this energy can often be lack of self-love and blaming. This energy happens at the same time every year so it’s no mystery why the holidays can be a time of deep love or deep pain.

The trick to making the most of this energy is to remember that the ultimate purpose of the Gate 10 is to teach us to love ourselves and to own our personal power.  When your circumstances don’t reflect that truth, it’s easy to blame others, but truly it’s up to you to love yourself, no matter what and to not take anything anyone else says or does personally.  It’s simple.  Just not always easy.  Be sure to take care of yourself during these days, watch your words, speak from your heart and don’t get distracted by the little things.

The Earth is in the Gate 15, the Love of Humanity, moving to the Gate 52, Stillness, on Saturday.  The Gate 15 can be an energy that expresses as a deep love for humanity, but it can also be an energy that creates in us “extremes”.  We can be extreme in this time, with our expression, with our timing, with our eating… and, of course, even with our emotional response.  Again, self-care is imperative right now.  Be gentle.  And focus on the love.

Mercury is in the Gate 61, Mystery, and we’re talking about God, Spirit and the mysteries that lie at the edge of our understanding of the Universe.  This is expansive, contemplative energy that stirs in us a passion to reach out and touch the face of God.  This energy will carry us into next week when we learn again to surrender to forces that are bigger than us individually and we are reminded that we are never alone and always fully supported.

Venus spends most of the week in the Gate 43, Assimilation, moving to the Gate 14, Possession in Great Measure, on Saturday.  We are thinking about new ways to draw abundance into our lives and about what is truly valuable.  The beautiful thing about these two energies is that they are both transformative.  We are on the cusp of creating in a new way and realizing that our mindset and surrendering to the flow of life will bring us the next new opportunities to create support in our lives.

Use this energy to inspire you and be mindful of not worrying about money and finances.

Mars is in the Gate 32, Ambition, all week.  This is, as always, a perfect combination with all the other planetary energies, so dream big this week.  The New Year brings us the energy for a new beginning and expansion.  Be expansive and open.  The rest of the details for how to manifest your dream will reveal themselves to you….

This week we had a big shift in Jupiter which left the Gate 47, Oppression, last Saturday (December 19, 2015) and moved to the Gate 6, Friction.  Certainly, this is probably a very welcome change for many of us.  The Gate 47 left us struggling with our attitudes and mindset.  If your thinking has felt more gentle and soft this week, rejoice!  The Gate 6 in Jupiter brings us the energy of being rewarded from the impact that we have on the world.  With this energy we are working to share what we have, what we know and our contribution to the world and our tribe.

The rest of the outer planets hold their course, teaching us to stay focused in the midst of shifting changes, to hold an inner vision of what we are creating and to deny the outer reality if it doesn’t bring you what you are seeking to create, to surrender and discover your inner peace and to fight for what is truly important in your life.

Take good care of yourself and have a wonderful week!




This week we are working with the 10th Gate – Treading or The Gate of the Love of the Self.  This is a very important and powerful gate in the archetype of humanity because from this gate we learn that authentic direction in life does not come until we learn to love ourselves first.

The 10th gate in its highest expression is about empowerment.  When we work with this energy, the possibility of being empowered and taking actions that are empowering is fully present provided we are acting out of self-love.

This is the energy for clarity, setting good boundaries, taking care of the self and, ultimately being fully present to the beauty of the present moment.

The low expression of this energy, is the energy for blaming.  When we are not experiencing self-love, we can blame others and allow others to dictate our direction in life.  Our old conditioned patterns push us into limiting our own directions and reacting in self-defense or blame instead of taking an empowered stand and taking care of the self.

Over the last few weeks, we have been emerging into the out world with a full expression of our dreams, thoughts and ideas.  These expressions can leave us vulnerable if we are not standing solidly in a place of self-love.  Correction from others can be felt as personal and we can go underground with our dreams if we allow our direction to be led by others.

This week it is crucial to practice relentless and passionate self-love.  This is the week to take stock of all your gifts, strengths and accomplishments.  Celebrate yourself and all that you have done.  Take actions that are clearly in your highest interest and for your greatest good.


I honor that miracle that I am.  I am a unique Divine Creation and I know there is no one like me in this world.  I make choices and take actions that are honoring of my Divine Magnificence and I surround myself with people who support me, nurture me, inspire me and lift me up. I am powerful and in charge of my Life Direction.  I make choices that allow me to fulfill my Divine Potential and in being the fullest expression of myself as myself, I create the space for others to do the same.

Writing Assignment:

1.        What old energies and “victim stories” do I need to release?

2.       What does being powerful mean to me and what do I need to do to be more empowered?

3.       Make a list of all the things you love about yourself.  Write yourself a beautiful love letter and read it out loud to yourself in the mirror.

4.       What choices and directions could you take that would be in alignment with your self-love?

EFT Setup:  Even though it’s emotionally hard for me to be in the energy of the holidays, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.


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