Arggghhh! Frustration!

That is the sound of frustration – my emotional theme as a Manifesting Generator.

Maybe you relate?

Nothing. I mean NOTHING this month has gone as planned. (Have you ever had that experience???)

My daughter’s baby is STILL not born. I’m not too panicked as we tend to grow big, juicy babies on our own unique timeline. All five of my babies were more than 3 weeks late.

I have moved and re-jiggered my schedule repeatedly. I’ve given up a TEDx talk. I’ve been running my household remotely with a lot of nail-biting because in my absence, my husband and my 10-year-old daughter adopted a new puppy. I’ve stocked and re-stocked my pregnant daughter’s freezer.

And I can’t re-organize my schedule anymore. I have to go home, and I feel so much frustration.

I can assure you that I have left many tears on my yoga mat this week. The dainty young yoga teachers who have been leading the Slow Flow class at the local studio here are probably pretty bewildered by this sobbing old lady who comes to class every day…

I have been angry, frustrated, confused, concerned, grief-stricken, and shaken my fist at the sky a lot these past few days.

That hasn’t actually changed anything except to probably give me a good dose of heartburn and cortisol overload.

Bottom line? I’m not in charge of this outcome.

A lesson you think I would have learned by now…



When we are faced with a situation we cannot control, we can feel angry, frustrated, bitter and disappointed – all the emotional themes of the Human Design Types.

The emotional themes of the Types are signals that you are, in some way, out of alignment with your own sense of empowerment.

The Manifestor feels anger when their creative flow is interrupted.

The Generator Types feel frustration when things don’t go as “planned”.

The Projectors feel bitter when it seems that they have put enormous effort into something that goes unrecognized.

The Reflectors feels disappointed when they are rushed and feel pressured into making choices and the outcome isn’t what they hoped.

The only way through this emotional terrain is to find alignment within it.

Many indigenous teachings show us that Life has it’s own cosmic flow.

Human Design teaches this too.

Your Human Design strategy is your interface between your personal life experience and your alignment with that flow.

In a material world, we assume that the cosmic flow is formulaic and that by simply following the formula, we can create success – money, a nice car, a beautiful house…

When all the world is a material exchange of value and, because of mass commodification, we can’t comprehend the value of these goods, we lose our connection with what is truly precious and sufficient in the world. This is a recipe for frustration.

When you buy a product from a grocery store that has been farmed by a factory farm, or you buy a product produced by a person in a factory somewhere far away, like China, it’s hard to connect to or comprehend the value of the item.

Conversely, if you buy a turnip from the local farmers at the farmer’s market and that turnip carries the energy of the person who tended to and oversaw the growth of the turnip, picked it when it was perfectly plump, and carried the turnip to the market to sell to you, it’s much easier to receive the value of that exchange.

When all the world becomes an exchange of value, and we lose sight of what is truly valuable or the means by which it is produced violates value (soil depletion, child labor, etc.), then nothing is precious. How could we not feel some level of frustration here?

If, by the laws of quantum physics, our manifested world is a reflection of our vibration, if the material world has lost its value, then we have also lost our connection with our own value and worthiness.

Thank goodness this is changing!

We are evolving.

Consciousness is expanding and our sense of value is changing. We are moving towards a measurement of value that goes far beyond material goods and gain. The new measurement of success is the quality and quantity of well-being you inhabit.

The more well-being you experience, the greater value you have and the more well-being you have to give.

You may never be able to control the material world. But you can influence it by sustaining a state of inner well-being.

You can always control your sense of well-being as a way of expressing your preciousness and your value.(This is a skill set that we are still learning, but, like a muscle, this is a skill set you can strengthen over time with practice!)

In the years since we’ve taught “The Law of Attraction”, we’ve tried to assert dominion over the material world with our thoughts. While this can work to a certain degree, you can’t always control what happens in the world.

There is a Cosmic Script that has, written into it, certain events and mysteries that you might never, ever understand or control.

You can rail against these events or can bring yourself into alignment and consequently a state of well-being in the face of these events.

If you can shift your perspective from feeling victimized by a reality that is unfolding with it’s own plan that you might not be privy to, to a perspective of seeing the unfolding of the world plan as a gift, how abundant do you become? (Answer = VERY!)

Like it or not – and I have disliked it mightily for days now – gratitude is the only way to increase your true abundance and increase your sense of well-being (and skyrocket your value!)

You are so valuable that the world is constantly showering you with gifts.You might not understand the gift in the moment, but over time, the value of what you’re being given will reveal itself to you.

I do not understand the current plan that is unfolding in my life right now. I would DEARLY love to be in charge.

But I’m not.

However, I can influence HOW I experience this plan. I can shake my fist at the sky or I can gratefully get on an airplane tomorrow and hug my husband and 10-year old daughter who have been waiting patiently for me to return home. (I can also meet the new puppy…)

I can accept with grace that I do not know why this past month has unfolded the way that it has, but there is a blessing, a gift from the cosmic plan in this mystery and I trust the infinite wisdom of the cosmos that all is as it should be.

May you find the alignment with your well-being today and see the world as a gift that is perpetually giving to you because you are so very, very precious!

May you embrace the mystery of it all and allow the plan to unfold through you with grace.

May you see the world as a gift and receive all that is raining down on you as a blessing. (Even if it feels disguised as frustration!)

From my Heart to Yours,


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Kristin Anne

Kristin Anne joined the team in 2020 and is now the Chief Operating Officer (COO) overseeing and managing the daily operations of the Quantum Alignment System, LLC in its purpose and mission of waking people up to their innate creativity and unlimited possibility through modeling and teaching grace, contribution and alignment with the Cosmic Plan.

Kristin is Made to Love ❤️ it’s what she does, it’s Who she is. She even has it tattooed on her left forearm so it’s the first thing she sees when waking up every day as a reminder of why she’s here. Everything she does, says and shares is from the abundance and overflow of Love that just oozes out of her (and not because her life has been all sunshine and roses, it’s her dark days and life experiences that have refined her into the Light she is today.) It’s why regardless of what her day was like or what’s going on in the world she can lay her head down at night and wake up each morning in deep deep gratitude for being Alive and still having people in her life that she gets to Love and serve.

She now gets the honor and privilege of being the person in people’s lives that she used to wish was in hers. She has over 20 years of business management and administration experience. She’s obsessed with process improvement, organization, streamlining, simplification, details and communication. (Oh and Checklists! ✅ Can’t forget the checklists.)

She’s a 2/4 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), Gemini Sun & Moon and Leo Rising, Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist, Yoga and Reiki Practitioner. She is also a wife to an amazing and supportive partner, Momma of two precious fur babies 🐶🐾 and Soul Sister to many incredible friends who she considers family, a bunch of who she’s met through the beautiful and amazing community that Karen has built.

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